Kalpana Tatavarti

kalpanaKalpana Tatavarti is a diversity & inclusion professional. As a partner at Interweave, she has worked closely with marquee clients, helping them develop strategies to increase presence, retention and development of female employees. She has also trained and coached female managers across industries, helping them hone and develop leadership skills, besides working with managers & leaders to create gender inclusive workplaces. Kalpana credits her deep understanding of gender in the Indian workplace to the 2000+ women managers and 600+ managers she has trained and coached across the country.

Additionally, she has over 20 years experience spanning Marketing, Sales and Leadership Development. She spent the early part of her career in the corporate world in Marketing & Sales (9 years) and then transitioned to what she says is her calling: Developing People. As Founder at Maarpidi, a Leadership Development Firm, she partnered with several organisations to grow their leadership pipelines.

A Masters in Marketing & Sales, Kalpana is a certified Coach from the Coaching Foundation of India besides being certified in psychometric instruments such as MBTI, FIRO-B and DISC. She is also certified in Transactional Analysis (Org.) and NLP (Master Practitioner) She also sits on the board of Durga, an NGO that works towards creating safety for women in public places. She aligns with other NGOs to fund and grow women entrepreneurs in low economic areas.

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  1. I just read through your articles. I really enjoyed your writing and wanted to thank you for this effort. Many of these articles are relevant to women in the workforce and ultimately in my case, led to my exit from corporate America.

    Congratulations for delving into these issues in such a succinct way.

    Best wishes


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